Around 2008, Brazilian Keratin treatments took the beauty industry by storm. The trend started in Los Angeles and Miami and quickly spread like wildfire around the country. Now almost every salon in the country offers a Brazilian treatment to their clients. After successfully distributing a handful of brands to the top salons from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between, our clients longed for a “perfect brand”. From product quality, salon safety, profit margins, packaging and marketing – we have filled the niche in the industry with Pure Brazilian.

After 2 years of research and development, Pure Brazilian is arguably the best heat activated hair smoothing system available on the market. Pure Brazilian offers a choice of 2 different Solutions- Pure Brazilian Original Reconstructor and the Pure Brazilian CLEAR. The hair can be washed the same day as Pure Brazilian requires “no down time”. Both last up to 3 months as hair reverts back to its natural texture. No line of demarcation or damage!

Our two Pure Brazilian solutions give the stylist an opportunity to customize their clients’ treatment to their hair type and desired results. The Original Reconstructor Solution is a stronger formula that is based on Brazilian Keratin, Cocoa and Acai. The Original Reconstructor Solution is ideal for coarse, thick or curly textured hair. It reduces volume and frizz, as well as imparting shine and softness. The CLEAR Solution is a plant-derived formula that reduces frizz and gives shine through an amino acid bonding system. The CLEAR Solution is ideal for fine to medium textured hair as it does not reduce volume. The CLEAR Solution is perfect for fine to medium hair clients, as well as pregnant and breast-feeding clients and children. Both Solutions yield results that last up to 3 months or longer and leave the hair in an overall healthier condition!

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