As a busy mother and business owner, I love anything that makes my life easier.

The first time I had a Brazilian treatment- it was a true miracle!  My hair looked gorgeous, and felt healthier and silkier than ever.  Then it knocked 20 minutes off my dry time, and I thought I had died and went to heaven.   I truly believed in this treatment and wanted to share my newfound knowledge with as many people as possible.

I set out to create a product that did not contain a high level of harmful chemicals, had a fair price point, beautiful packaging and personal and warm customer service.

Pure Brazilian was launched in 2011.

We have thousands of stylists using Pure Brazilian and the most common feedback we receive is that they love the scent, the ease of application and the gorgeous results. The consistency of Pure Brazilian’s results is what keeps their clients coming back again and again, and that is the core of the salon business. The secret to our company’s success is that once a stylist or client tries our home care products or treatment, they love it and tell all of their friends. We are here to give stylists amazing products, to give their clients beautiful hair. That’s what we do.

Pure Brazilian is the best professional smoothing system on the market and here's why:

-Washes out the same day in the salon. No Down Time!!
-Gives Radiant shine!
-Strengthens the cuticle
-Eliminates frizz
-Improves the health by protecting the cuticle
-Reduces blow-dry and styling time
-Protects against heat from styling
-Prevents split ends and breakage; therefore promoting growth!
-Various bottle size options
-Beautiful home care line in full & travel size
-Special formulation of minimal chemicals to give maximum results
-Color POPS, as cuticle is sealed with moisture

What makes us different than other brands?

Pure Brazilian is a boutique company that cares more about doing things right than about being the biggest brand. You won't find our retail in mass-market stores. We are honest about our ingredients.  We keep our line small and simple. Everything we do has the stylist, salon and client in mind. We are firm believers in sugar, laughter and gorgeous hair being the best remedies, and often hand out Pure Brazilian Sprinkles cupcakes and smiles. Our team is down to earth, friendly and just fun to work with.

We are growing faster than we ever thought possible, and enjoying every minute of it. The best part of our business is the relationships we have forged with our clients.

We want to empower women (and of course men!). When you look and feel your best, you can accomplish greater things than you ever thought possible. This is an evolutionary fact. Give a girl amazing hair and she can conquer the world.

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Christine Medrick
Founder & President